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The word press admin dashboard often called WP admin panel is the control panel for your entire WordPress website. This is where you do all your WordPress content management in the form of content creation, styling, and theme selections, etc. it is accessible only by an authenticated user.

  • How to access the WordPress admin dashboard
  • Admin panel areas explained
  • Changing the WordPress admin appearance 


The WordPress admin dashboard can be accessed simply by appending /wp-admin to the URL of your WordPress installation. An example is shown below

How to log into your WordPress Admin area

You can directly access your admin dashboard by merely appending /wp-admin on your domain name. This method only works if you are already logged in to your domain account. If you aren’t already logged in, WordPress will redirect you to the WordPress admin login page where your login credentials would be needed to gain access.

When you first log in to the WordPress admin dashboard, the default appears as shown in the figure below. The page is segmented into separate portions with widgets like activity, WordPress events, and news, quick events with a group of control menus on the left-hand side.

The dashboard page, as shown above, presents an overview of what the admin dashboard looks like. You will most likely spend most of your time in other areas of the WordPress admin dashboard, especially on the left sidebar.

Admin panel areas explained:

The admin panel as can be seen from the image below is segmented into different areas. 

The WordPress admin panel contains the following parts:

Admin menu: This is the main navigation in the admin panel. Here you can choose a menu item or submenu item to navigate to a specific page 

Admin bar/Toolbar: This is the WordPress bar and is located at the top of the page. It contains links and some useful information. This bar only appears once an authenticated user is logged in.

Content area: This is the central part of the word press admin panel. The majority of page data are displayed here. Navigating from page to page, you would notice that different pages would have different content.

Help: this provides you with some useful links to help pages on the WordPress site.

User Info: This is located at the top right corner of the admin bar. It displays information about the currently logged in user and on mouse hover, it provides some more details about the user’s profile and the button option for logging out.

Screen Options: if you can’t find anything on your page, try getting here first. This part of the page provides you with some additional options to conceal/display some elements on a page.

Dashboard widgets: The content on the dashboard panel is organized in the form of widgets. These widgets make it easier to move page content around and also provide the functionality for choosing what content to activate for display.

Welcome WordPress dashboard widget: This widget welcomes new users into WordPress. It is handy as it provides first-time users some useful information. Click dismiss to hide this widget if you aren’t interested in its content.

Creating a new blog post with the WordPress admin panel

WordPress makes it easy to create blog posts. Whenever you want to create a new blog post, hover over the Posts menu item. This reveals a set of submenu items; from here choose the Add New button:

This opens the Add New Post screen. Here you can begin your post by entering a title before writing your blog post in the text editor field provided. This field also includes the capability to upload multimedia files like images and also the ability to choose categories.

Using the theme feature to personalize how your WordPress page looks

The WordPress admin area lets you modify the appearance of your site by selecting from a variety of themes which to use for site customization. The theme button can be accessed by hovering over the appearance menu, which expands to reveal the theme button.

How to change color schemes for the WordPress Admin Panel

WordPress provides you with the flexibility to customize your admin panel to any chosen color texture of choice. To achieve this, go to Users on the left sidebar >> your profile >>> then select a new Admin color scheme:

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