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Changing of author for WordPress could sometimes pose a challenge, especially for beginners. WordPress by default assigns authorship to the user profile who first created a post. For this tutorial, we will be looking at the easy steps to change the author of a WordPress post without the need for a plugin.

  • How to change the author of a single WordPress post
  • How to bulk change authors for multiple WordPress posts at the same time
  • How to change the URL of an author’s active page


This is by far the most comfortable and quickest method of changing WordPress posts. For this process, you need a WordPress account with the editor access role or above. If you are the site owner, this means you have admin access clearance, hence you have a suitable account already.

Once you have the required permissions, all you need do is find and edit the WordPress post for which you need to change the author. To achieve this in the word press editor, click on-screen options in the top right of the page.

After that, a new screen appears. Check on the box next to the author;

After checking the box, you should see a new author box appear below the WordPress editor box, as shown in the image below. Sometimes the exact location where the author box appears might vary depending on your installed plugins. 


Select a new author from the drop-down that appears to change to a new author. Note: only user accounts in your WordPress that have the clearance of the author or above will appear on the list. If you have a WordPress account you would like to transfer authorship, and it doesn’t appear in the list, the solution would be to grant an author clearance.

To verify and change a user’s role, go to Users >> All users.

In the list of users that appears, to edit a user’s role, click the edit button that comes up when hovering over the Username.

Then select a new role from the Role drop-down. Make sure to click on the update user button at the bottom of the screen to apply changes.

If correctly done, you should see the user account appear in the author’s drop-down.


Changing the author for more than one post could prove to be a tedious task especially if you have multiple posts and would have to go over the process of changing authors for one post at a time.

For this method, like the single post method outlined above, you will need a WordPress account with the user clearance of editor or above assigned to bulk change posts authorship. To start, Go to Posts >>. All Posts. Click on the Screen Options in the top right of the page and make sure to check the author box.

Then check to select all the posts for which you would want to change the author for

After checking posts, select Edit from the Bulk actions drop-down that appears, then click apply.

Once you have clicked apply, a new interface comes up from which you can choose a new author for your selected posts. hit the Update button to apply these changes.

It should be noted that this update would apply the selected author status to all the checked posts highlighted during your initial setup no matter who the original post author was. 


This method involves the process of changing an author’s archive slug. It entails changing the author slug that shows up in the URL of the author instead of changing the actual author.  This process requires the use of a plugin. see image below

There is a free plugin for changing the author slug. For this illustration, we will be using “Edit Author Slug.” to get started, we install and activate the Plugin. After that, go to Users >> All users. On the list of users that appears, edit the user for which you wish to change the author slug.

The edit slug option where you can enter your desired author slug can be found at the bottom in the edit user interface. once found, enter your desired author slug in the custom box and click Update user.

The Plugin will take it up from there and will automatically update all links pointing to that author’s archive page with the new slug

If you desire, there is a provision to change the base for the author slug. Do this by going to settings << author slug. Then enter your desired base in the Author base box and click Save Changes at the bottom.

Users should note that implementing an author slug will change every single author URL on your site. This could affect your site SEO. It is good practice to apply some redirect rules if you change the base author URL slug.




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